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Status Codes and Error Responses

Either when an error occurs or when a response is successful, the response body usually contains return codes as shown:

Return codeDescription
1Parameter error, indicating that the number and type of parameters are incorrect
2Data check failed (MAC mismatch)
3Data format error
4Processing failed
5Invalid access token
6Access token has expired
7Invalid request type
8Invalid APP version
9User does not exist
10Invalid real name
11Invalid email
12Registration authorization code format error
13Bad password format
14Failed to send registration authorization code email
15Invalid authorization code
16Already registered
17Registration failed
18User is not registered
19User registration is not activated
20User account is closed
21Login failed
22Wrong password
23Document information error or invalid
24Document page does not exist
25Document page’s image does not exist
26Signature picture does not exist
27The recipient does not exist
28No signature needed
29Signing failed
30User is locked
31Adding a face user failed
35SMS verification failed
36Document creation failed
37Failed to delete unsigned document
38Failed to delete unsigned document(s)
39Sending reminder email failed
40Failed to add document
41Document does not exist
42Document does not belong to this user
43Report does not exist
44Illegal operation
45Send mail failed
46Invalid API type
47Account does not exist
49Mailbox belongs to another account
50Non-admin account
52Default role does not exist
53Integration key does not exist
54Data decryption failed
55Signature picture does not exist
56System type error
57Version does not exist
58No push terminal, please log in to your APP
59Requires signature verification
60Failed to send SMS
61Push authentication refused
62Authentication response timed out
63New password cannot same with old password
64Phone token registration failed
65Phone number is empty, this operation cannot be performed
66Your verification failed multiple times and has been locked. Please contact the document creator to resend your signing request
67Signature failed, personal ID number cannot be blank
68Signature failed, corporate ID number cannot be empty
69Failed to add document template
70Add document template name already exists
71Document does not exist
72Data length does not match
73Document number already exists
74Insufficient account credit
75Signatories reached the limit
76HTML format is incorrect
77Number of templates reached limit
78This signatory has signed this document
79The signer has signed, and the send verification failed
80The template name is invalid.
81Illegal document number, only allow letters, numbers and @_,-
82Personal or business type error, matching numbers
83Bad document type, matching numbers
84Wrong name, matching characters, letters, numbers, “.-_ @”
85Bad ID number type
86Incorrect phone number type
87Invalid image data
88Template does not exist
89The system is busy
90This account does not support LTV
91Document validation failed
92File types do not match
93Upload file size too big
94Template unreview
95Location not set or occupied
96Document has been completed
97Verification code expired
98Template failed
99Account does not support SMS
100No valid certificate exists
101Certificate issue failed
102Certificate revocation failed
103Please upload valid documents types
104Signature or signature picture size is invalid
105Insufficient SMS account balance
106Timestamp error
107Document has been signed but deleted
108Mobile OTP failed with maximum attempt (5 times)
109Mobile OTP authentication failed
110EKYC is failed
111Contract expired
112Diskspace exceed
113Cannot apply ECA and DSA in a same document
114Cannot apply different DSA in a same document if account holder purchased DSA based on number of legal document (only existing client in Version 1)
115No DSA credit
2001Invalid base64 ID document front image
2002Invalid base64 ID document front flash image
2003Invalid base64 ID document back image
2004Invalid selfie image
2005File process failed
2006Landmark error
2007Invalid value
2008Unable to retrieve full name
2009Unable to retrieve ID number
2010Unable to retrieve address
2011Unable to retrieve country code
2012Unable to retrieve country name
2013Unable to retrieve nationality
2014Unable to retrieve gender
2015Retrieve full name and registered full name does not match
2016Landmark failed on color mode
2017Landmark failed on microprint
2018Landmark failed on hologram
2019Landmark failed on substitution image
2020Landmark failed on ghost photo detection
2021Landmark failed on screen
2022Landmark failed on ID brightness
2023Landmark failed on face brightness
2024Landmark failed on font
2025Landmark failed on ID blurriness
2026Image size exceeded
2027Landmarks record empty
2028Wrong document type
2029eKYC credit is 0

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