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Request Data

By default all request to call SIGNINGCLOUD API consist of 3 parameters

Request headerDescription
Access tokenAccess token for authentication. Only those who valid API key can request for an access token. Each request to API will require this access token to validate the user
DataThis is the encrypted raw data of a request. The real data is encrypted before sending over to the server
MACMAC is to prevent men in the middle attack. The server side will check the MAC value with MAC value generated on the sever side to make sure the data was not tempered

Json structure of default post request is as below

  "accesstoken" : "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "data": "bfc34131f557cb615531ff58343c620fab37e3d32baeb65401a0fb77623f",
  "mac": "68656c6c6f2061736877696e20686f77206172652075........"

Json structure of default get request is as below:


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