Upload Seal Image

An electronic seal is technically the same as an electronic signature. The difference is that an electronic signature can be associated to both a natural person or legal person/entity, whereas a seal is associated only to a legal person/entity

The API provides the function of uploading a signer’s seal image.

Sequence to call API for upload seal image

Source Code Sample

byte[] bImg = Utils.readBytesFromFile(img);
imgHex = Utils.bytes2HexString(bImg);
JSONObject jsonData = new JSONObject();
JSONObject signinfo1 = new JSONObject();
signinfo1.put("email", email);
jsonData.put("img", imgHex);
jsonData.put("transparency", "0");
jsonData.put("signer", signinfo1);
data = Hex.encodeHexString(Utils.aesEcbPkcs5PaddingEncrypt(jsonData.toString(),apiSecret));
mac = Utils.calculateMac(data,apiSecret);
Sample code to prepare raw data for upload seal image

Request Body Creation

	"img": "ffd8ff….",
	"transparency": "0",
	"signer": {
		"email": "test@gmail.com",

Example of Request


Expected Response


For error code, please refer to status code page.


API reference Upload Seal Image

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