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Upload Company Image

This is to update or add company image which is showed when do manual document signing.

Sequence to call API for upload company image

Source Code Sample

byte[] bImg = Utils.readBytesFromFile(img);
imgHex = Utils.bytes2HexString(bImg);
JSONObject jsonData = new JSONObject();

jsonData.put("img", imgHex);
jsonData.put("transparency", "1");
data = Hex.encodeHexString(Utils.aesEcbPkcs5PaddingEncrypt(jsonData.toString(),apiSecret));
mac = Utils.calculateMac(data,apiSecret);
Sample code to prepare raw data object for upload company image

Request Body Creation

     "transparency": "1",

Example of Request


Expected Response


For error code, please refer to status code page.


API reference Upload Company Image

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