Sign Document Manually

When user decided to use sign manually, the API will return an URL where the integrating API will need to use their own preferred application to open the URL.

This URL will contains the document the user need to sign. Signer will need to drag and drop the signature to preferred location. Authentication and authorization is handle by client application

Sequence to call API for manual signing

Source Code Sample

JSONObject jsonData = new JSONObject();
JSONObject signinfo1 = new JSONObject();

JSONObject jsonObj = null;
JSONObject jsonAccessToken = null;
signinfo1.put("email", email);

jsonData.put("contractnum", contractnum);
jsonData.put("callUrl", callUrl);
jsonData.put("backUrl", backUrl);
jsonData.put("signerInfo", signinfo1);

data = Hex.encodeHexString(Utils.aesEcbPkcs5PaddingEncrypt(jsonData.toString(), apiSecret));
mac = Utils.calculateMac(data, apiSecret);
Sample code to prepare raw data object for sign document manually

Request Body Creation

	"signerInfo": {
		"email": ""
	"callUrl": "",
	"backUrl": "",
	"contractnum": "C9CC0B6341FC9856A1B058E204"

Example of Request Body


Expected Response


API reference : Manual Signature

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