Auto Sign Document

There are 2 option for auto signing.

  • Sign with 2 factor authentication : User’s authentication code is required to be part of the data object.
  • Signing without 2 factor authentication: This does not require user authentication code. Signing Cloud assume that the application will handle user verification before this API is call.

Signing with 2 factor authentication

Sequence for calling auto signing with 2FA API

Signing without 2 factor authentication

Sequence for calling auto signing API

Source Code Sample

JSONObject jsonData = new JSONObject();
JSONObject signinfo1 = new JSONObject();

signinfo1.put("email", email);
signinfo1.put("signkeyword", signkeyword);
//if with 2FA method
//signinfo1.put("verifycode", verifycode);     

jsonData.put("signerInfo", signinfo1);
jsonData.put("contractnum", contractnum);
jsonData.put("callUrl", callUrl);

data = Hex.encodeHexString(Utils.aesEcbPkcs5PaddingEncrypt(jsonData.toString(), apiSecret));
mac = Utils.calculateMac(data, apiSecret);
Sample code to prepare raw data object for sign document automatically

Request Body Creation

	" signerInfo": {
    	     "signkeyword":"sign here"

Example of Request


Expected Response

	"result": 0,
	"message": "Success"

For error code, please refer to status code page.


API reference : Auto Signature

API reference : Send Authentication code

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