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Getting Started

SIGNINGCLOUD offers a free testing environment to explore the digital signature REST API with Sandbox environment. It provides all SIGNINGCLOUD features for digital signature, user verification and document management. However, documents which signed in the sandbox environment are not legally binding.

This quick start takes you from setting up a basic environment to send out a sign request easily by using SIGNINGCLOUD REST API. You can set up and use REST API in many ways, but here we show you how to use a free Developer Edition to integrate with your app.

1. Prerequisites

Complete all the prerequisites before proceeding with the rest of the quick start.

2. Set Up Authorization

To use SIGNINGCLOUD REST API, it is required an authentication to identify user account when processing all the APIs requests. You can obtain the access token by using the get access token API.

3. Walk Through the Simple Guides

Make a series of REST requests to try accessing different types of resources in SIGNINGCLOUD. Before you try these examples for yourself, make sure that you’ve completed the prerequisites and have obtained an access token successfully.


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